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Air Compression Technology

Reduces Muscle Fatigue

Dynamic pneumatic compression causes a reduction of lactic acid and promotes blood flow to the muscle which delays the onset of muscle soreness and boosts recovery.

5 Compression Modes

Chambers fill up with air in the sequence you choose. The boots gradually compress each muscle group in the feet and legs and then repeats for a 15 minute cycle.

Medical Benefits

Used by patients who suffer from poor blood circulation & other circulatory & peripheral vascular conditions.

4 Pressure Levels

Air Relax is the highest pressure rated compression recovery system in South Africa with a maximum pressure of 230mmHg.

Digitally controlled air compression therapy which boosts faster recovery for athletes and treats patients with circulatory conditions.

Unwrap the Air Relax box today!

Train today like there's no tomorrow.

do it all over again.


Leg Boots

Compression therapy for feet, ankles, calves, knees and upper legs.

Ideal for cyclists, triathletes, runners and rugby players.


Compression therapy for the waist,  lower back, glutes, quads and hamstring muscles. 

Ideal for all athletes.

Arm Recovery Compression system
Arm Sleeve

Compression therapy for wrists, forearms, biceps, triceps and shoulders. 

Ideal for swimmers, paddlers, rowers and tennis players.

Compression Socks are so last Century.